Monday, April 6, 2015

Conan Mithrandir Baker, 2002-2015

It is profound the impact that an animal, a pet, can have on a human’s life.  I wonder how many people were blessed enough to bear witness to such a level of companionship with their dog?  I am not alluding to the prescribed advantages a dog brings to one’s life: friendship, love, etc.  I’m, rather, referring to the degree of impact that has changed your life.  I don’t think many dog owners truly experience that quantity of effect.

I did.  His name was Conan Mithrandir Baker and he was a Rottweiler.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Charles P. Pierce Problem

Full disclosure on a couple of things first before I get revved up in my forthcoming tirade.  One, I am a FSU graduate (both undergrad and graduate school), so I can definitely be labeled as a “homer” in most cases involving the merits of all garnet and gold issues.  That can be true for this piece, so take it for what it’s worth.  Two, I have always been a fan of Charles P. Pierce’s writing and to a larger extent the Grantland website.  Sure, some articles tend to be written by young writers who like to use grandiose verbiage for no other reason than to prove how much smarter they are than you, but for the majority of the site, I find it to be entertaining.  This belief is buoyed strongly to the fact that Grantland’s creator, Bill Simmons, is my favorite sports columnist – without him, I’m sure my exuberance would wane.  Finally, Charles P. Pierce will henceforth be referred to as Old Charlie.  Why?  Because he’s fucking old and that is a more accurate statement than anything he wrote in this morning’s piece on Grantland.  So, fuck you, Old Charlie.  Now that’s out of the way…

The Big 12's Problem

Well, besides the numeric fallacy of its title?  

There are a few glaring issues with the Big 12 conference and it starts at the top with its commissioner, Bob Bowlsby.  Bowlsby’s folly in not announcing Baylor as the out-right conference champion assuredly damaged the conference’s chance of placing a team into the College Football Playoffs.  While the selection committee may not have taken into account the lack of a conference championship game for the Big 12, the fact that the conference did not have a true champion weighed heavily on the decision process.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Narrative We Shouldn't Believe

Cable news outlets have taken over mainstream media as the prominent source of information for millions of Americans now.  And that’s fine, I guess, if people are more interested in being misinformed rather than educated on the happenings in our country and around the world.  You see, with the cable model, news reporting is no longer based on journalistic standards of the past, but rather on profit.  It’s not news – it’s entertainment.  These cable news networks exist solely to provide an entertaining viewpoint to a specific audience that is willing to tune in each day to watch: Give them what they want to hear and watch the money roll in. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Committee: Look at What Thou Hast Wrought

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has handed in its final assessment of the 2014 season and given fans its selection of the Top 3% to play for the championship beginning with (3) FSU vs. (2) Oregon at the Rose Bowl and (4) Ohio State vs. (1) Alabama at the Sugar Bowl.  Regardless of what ever Final Four the Committee chose, there was going to be grumblings throughout the fantosphere. 

For all its foibles throughout the selection process, this Committee should go down in history not for its part in the first-ever college football playoff, but for the unhealthy narrative it created:  Winning is not as important, who you lose to does matter, unless it doesn’t matter.  Whatever the hell that means.  And that’s the problem – the Committee was so scatter-brained week-in and week-out that it hopscotched its way around different reasoning for each week’s ranking, definitively stating that what was determined last week means nothing this week – unless it does.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Fungos, FOGOs & Fundamentals: Sports Movies

In this belated edition of the Triple-F, our co-conspirators tackle the greatest sports movies of all time, piggy-backing on the most recent list: The Baker Dozen: Sports Movies.  This discussion goes in a million different directions, including a throw-down on the merits of For Love of the Game, an interlude on the best movie coach, a dissection of the worst sports movies of all time, an accord regarding “The Beatles” of baseball movies, all before devolving into a ruckus regarding bicycles…or something.  Enjoy!    
"Really, someone thinks we're the best?"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Baker Dozen: Sports Movies

Here it is!  The Baker Dozen list thousands of fans and readers (minus-995, of course) have been clamoring for since this site’s inception.  Some may wonder why it’s taken this long for a Sports Movies list to come out since this site’s main focus is on sports and movies.  Well, the reason being is that it’s such a tough list to put together; I just kept putting it aside – not wanting to deal with the pressure of accumulating my all-time favorite sports movies.  Now that it’s finished, it was just as difficult as I thought it would be.

Last week I released the updated version of the BDMI (Baker Dozen Movie Index).  With a renewed vigor of working on the movie rankings for this site, I figured this is the right time to finally break-out my top 13 sports movies.  As with all the B-13 lists, this is not a ranking.  Additionally, I must have seen a movie for it to eligible for inclusion.  With that said there will be no winning one for the Gipper, no singing along with those Damn Yankees or crying after hearing Brian’s Song.  (It’s about a song, right?)
Hoosiers may be the best sports movie ever.